Congratulations. You have just found the easiest database developer to deal with. I commend you on your selection. It shows great intelligence on your part.
My philosophy is simple: I will create the best and most economical database or database driven web site that meets your needs.

Services include but are not limited to the following items.
Custom MS Access databases
constructed to your
specifications and criteria.
customers or employees
stand alone or on the web.
Web based databases:
Make your database
available to all your
Web based database reports:
Want to do more than just
enter and view data?
I can create custom reports and graphs
available to you or your customers.
Web Design:
Don't need a database?
We can create a website for your
personal or business use.
Online Surveys:
Want to know what your
customers think?
We can survey for a fraction of the
cost of other online survey packages.
Online Quizzes:
Want to test your employees
or customers...
Well now you can with my help.
Not sure of what you need...
Let me tell you what and where to put it.. You know, on the web.

See your data come alive with easy to use web enabled databases.

Tired of entering your employees data? Why not have them enter their own records. I can have you up and running quickly.

I will not sleep till your satisfied....
Not really, but it sounds good. Doesn't it?

Seriously, I will do everything that I can to make you a satisfied customer.

Want to see more? Well.. he's not here right now but you can click on some of the buttons to see what I can do.

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